Mindfield is a page turner sure to pull anyone away from their screens from the first page to the last.

Matt and Trent, two telepathic friends, must use their abilities to escape from a megalomaniac and stop his plan to gain power through mind control.

Matt and Trent knew their connection the instant they met, each born with the rare talent of telepathy. Matt grew up hating it, while Trent accepted it for what it was. Neither could imagine the wild and treacherous turn their lives would take.

One day, while playing video games, Matt receives an urgent telepathic plea for help from Trent. Desperate to find him, Matt enlists the aid of his friend, Hunter. They discover Trent’s abandoned truck and set off on an adventure with far-reaching repercussions none are prepared for.

The journey brings them face to face with the mysterious Sokolov, a shadowy figure whose motives are anything but clear. He thrusts Matt and Trent into a web of danger and depravity, with his plans to force them to use their talents in ways too extraordinary for them to imagine. Matt must employ his telepathy in a way he has never dreamed of if they are to have any chance of surviving and stopping Sokolov.

But it may be too late. For sinister forces lurk beneath the surface, and they will use whatever means necessary to achieve their selfish desires.